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These Are The Rooms Of Ruin

Here The Spiders Weave Their Webs As The Great Circuits Fall Quiet, One By One

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Name:Mordred Deschain
Birthdate:Jul 15
Name: Mordred Deschain

Bio: This journal is used for roleplaying, currently at SWS.

Mordred Deschain is from the Dark Tower setting. He is a telepath and a shapeshifter, and quite deranged. He is generally assumed to have come though a door, possibly one drawn by Patrick, at the seeming age of 19 or 20--his physical age would be no more than a year old, but he grows up fast.

He is tall, starvation-thin, with long black hair and sharp ('bombardier') blue eyes. He has an hourglass birthmark on his left heel. In his alternate form he is a black spider the size of a large dog, with two blue spots like eyes on his back and a red hourglass mark like a female black widow (latrodectus mactans) would have.

Warning: Mordred is a telepath. Anything you think, he may pick up on.

Quotes: You're finally old, father, and now you walk with a limp, and at the end of every day I see you rub your hip with a hand that's picked up the tiniest bit of a shake--Mordred, on Roland

See my chap, ye unfortunates, ye gonicks, my precious, my baby, my boy! See what I gave up eternity for! See my Mordred, see him very well, for never will you see another his like!--Mia, on Mordred as a baby

Is he not beautiful? Is my son not beautiful, as fair as the summer sun?--Mia's last words, on Spider!Mordred

Look, if you would. Here sits a baby with blood streaking his fair skin. Here sits a baby weeping his silent, eerie tears. Here sits a baby that knows both too much and too little, and although we must keep our fingers away from his mouth (he snaps, this one; snaps like a baby crocodile), we are allowed to pity him a little.--Stephen King himself, on Mordred.

Player Time Zone: Hawaiian

Player Common Availability: All days.

Disclaimer: I am neither Sai Mordred nor Sai King, may it do ya fine. Sai Mordred belongs to Stephen King, say thankya.
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